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This couple met in the audience at an early show and got engaged this past winter. Yeah, I can't believe it either. 

Heather eliminated Patrick during the show, but they chatted after and now they're besties and I am here for it. They sent me this video of them skiing together this winter! 

Here's me following up with an audience member who DM'ed me about meeting someone at the show...


And here's a set of typical DMs I get the next day from bachelors, lolz: 



  • A couple who met on stage dated for 6 months. (I won't scar them by putting a cute photo of them here.)

  • 85% of on-stage matches end up going on anywhere from ~2-12 dates. (Hey, dating is still dating, okay?) 

  • Audience dates are hard to track, but I always personally hear of about a dozen after every show; multiply that by how many shows I've done, and it's gotta be 500+. Am I type A and want to give you the best possible data without lying to you? Yes. 🫡

  • Bromances! One of my favorite success stories might be two male contestants who are now besties.

  • I recently found out that a bachelor and the on-stage bestie are working on a script together! Obviously from an LA show.

  • And yeah, people have definitely gotten laid...

An unprompted testimonial text from a previous bachelor 😂:  

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