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Love For Love Isn't Blind

Meet the host & creator of the edgy new live comedy dating show, “Love Isn't Blind”

dating intentionally

Divorcing self worth from relationship status & all about Love Isn't Blind w/ Alli Goldberg


Comedy show ‘Love Isn’t Blind’ gets LA singles off the apps


Things to Do This Weekend

SF Gate

Live dating show aims to hook up San Francisco singles by calling their moms


What should I do this weekend?

insider sq

A comedian created the live dating show 'Love Isn't Blind'. The catch: Male contestants are forbidden from speaking.

Los Angeles Magazine

Dating Experiment Where Men Learn to Listen Brings the Laughs


Best Things To Do This Weekend In Los Angeles And SoCal

Time Out Los Angeles

Think men could do a bit of a better job listening when it comes to dating?

The Savage Lovecast

Dumped! By Text! With Allison Goldberg.

We Like LA

Love may or may not be blind, but is it deaf?

Secret LA

23 Best Things To Do This Weekend In Los Angeles

Dear Men

Dating lessons from a dating show host! (ft. Alli Goldberg)


How To Break Up By Text w/ Comedian Allison Goldberg

Shout Out LA

Meet Allison Goldberg | Creator & Comedian

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