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Are you an amazing GAY MAN?!
Apply to have a fantastic night.
What are you looking for romantically?

**Please email a quick video to allison[at]allisongoldberg[dot]com explaining who you are and what you're looking for.**

2 min, no editing. *This video will not be shared with anyone.*


PLEASE NOTE: I can't consider you if you don't do this part. I want to make actual matches, so I need to meet you! Also, please name your video file with your first & last name, as that will make my life much easier later. Thank you so much!

Don't forget to send me a video! Instructions above. Thank you!

"At first I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never date and find love in my time. But then I spent one night at Love Isn’t Blind, and I was

-Jeff S.

fine, and learned how to see the light, hey hey."

"Being on "Love Isn't Blind" was such a fun and unique experience as a way to approach dating! Not being allowed to talk took a lot

       of pressure off of me and 

allowed me to just have fun."

          - Benjamin R.

“I’m so glad I participated! I had such a fun time. Alli did a great job of prepping us and making sure we were comfortable. My whole crew who came had a great time as well -

we met a lot of really cool people that night!”

- Jay

"This is the best thing any man could do for their self esteem and dating life." 

                 - Kyle H

*Lez version coming soon im so sorry it's just me ok and these things take tiiiime. ~Alli

Next show: February 9 at The Crow.

Then first Fridays at Three Clubs.

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